Flower Slides is the first release under the name Satanstompingcaterpillars. Tobacco stated that Satanstompingcaterpillars came about as "my way to be more melodic all the time, and a little more serious", compared to the noisy beginnings of Allegheny White Fish.[1]

Ssc fs front

"Flower Slides" cover

Ssc fs liner1

"Flower Slides" liner

Ssc fs liner2

"Flower Slides" liner

Ssc fs back

"Flower Slides" back cover

Ssc fs disc

"Flower Slides" disc


Flower Slides was released on October 10, 2000 on the band's own label, Fuckeroo (catalog number roo02). The CD was limited to 500, and packaged in a plain jewel case.


  1. Aphid (5:12)
  2. Trillium (4:20)
  3. Oxeye (2:57)
  4. Satanstompingcaterpillars (4:39)
  5. Theexactsamenoiselevelofbirds (2:54)
  6. Moveintoblue (7:35)
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -
  17. -
  18. -
  19. -
  20. Goodbyemethod (4:52)

  • Tracks 7 - 20 are unlabeled, each four seconds of silence.
  • Track six is labeled as "afteriampollinated" on the back cover, but was listed as "moveintoblue" on the Black Moth Super Rainbow discography page.

Trivia / Misc.Edit

  • After being sold out for years, this CD went back on sale on the Black Moth Super Rainbow website in the spring of 2006, apparently after Power Pill Fist found a sleeve of the CDs while moving.


  1. An Interview With Black Moth Super Rainbow,, 03/13/2009 [1]

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